f 3 Ways Plus Size Women's Clothing Brands Can Build Self Esteem by Lauren Kopal

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3 Ways Plus Size Women's Clothing Brands Can Build Self Esteem

September 21, 2020

Last week I was trying to motivate myself, thinking about what makes me feel good and on track with a healthy lifestyle.  My clothes came to mind, that is, which clothes put me on “Top of the World,” happy, creativity, and feeling good about myself … and which clothes make me feel like I can’t wait to get them off.  I read an article about a couple in their 90’s who were asked how they ended up with such a good marriage. The husband replied, “We fight naked.” He went on to say it’s not easy to be nasty to someone when you are naked & vulnerable.   This really shows how powerful clothes are and how much they can affect our feelings and behaviors. 

I thought about how I feel when I go shopping for plus size clothes.  I often feel frustrated & left out, excluded.  Where are the stylish clothes with beautiful colors, the clothes made with nice fabrics?     There is a huge deficit in fashionable and well-fitted plus sizes clothes.  Plus size women want to feel valued as people and consumers, like they matter.  Brands need to start sending this message to plus size women.   How?  They can start by producing well-made, well-sized, attractive & appealing plus size clothes.  

 I wanted to be a part of this change, so I decided to start Navy Jane. At Navy Jane, our focus is on creating plus size clothes & dresses that show-off women’s feminine curves and diverse bodies.  Many brands merely size up from smaller sizes, failing to consider the changes in body shape when women wear plus sizes.   At Navy Jane, we look at different styles in relation to sizing, fit, body type, and shape in plus size women.  Our Haney dress, an A-line style, is a great example.  The shape of the dress, a gradual widening to the hem, helps define the waist without emphasizing it. It can balance the look for plus size women who may be curvier in one area versus another.  

To complete the look, color needs to be addressed.  It’s been dispiriting to me to see the color options in plus size clothes.  Kendra Cherry’s article, “Color Psychology: Does It Affect How You Feel, “ says color has a direct relationship with feelings, mood, and behaviors.  Personally, color have a significant effect on how I’m feeling.  When I shop and only find dull, mediocre colors on plus size clothes, it’s a real downer for me. Why shouldn't plus size clothes have the same appeal as smaller sizes?  That’s how we, at Navy Jane, felt when we designed our “Resort” collection.  We use pink, green, and navy combinations to finish off the look.  This really brightens up the whole collection and feels warm, inviting, and welcoming.  Plus size women will feel upbeat & feminine. 

Creating cohesive high quality plus size dresses and clothes require attention to detail and thoughtful design. Careful Sizing, style choice and color convey to plus size women that they play a vital role in the fashion industry. It’s time for brands to start embracing and acknowledging the unique differences in plus size women.  Brands need to accept all women want to dress well, and be given choice options, regardless of their weight.  Isn’t it time to send this message to plus size women?

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