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5 Must-Try Accessories For Fall 2022

September 24, 2022

5 Must-Try Accessories For Fall 2022


Blog post 5 Fall Trends Fashion and Accessories.  Autumn is officially here and we've rounded up the must-try accessory trends for fall 2022. We're sure you'll love them as much as we do!

The Silk Scarf

French women know the last value of a silk scarf as this classic always comes back in fall.  Plus there are so many ways to style it.  You can wear it around your neck, as a head scarf or even accessories the strap of your purse.  Be sure to check out our Multi Stripe Silk Scarf in gorgeous autumn colors of rust and tan

Picture of sweater with scarf at neck. Scarf is rust colored, tan, and light blue. The Nautical Sweater

The perfect way to transition from summer is always with a touch of nautical.  When the Duchess of Cambridge  wore a classic style nautical striped shirt for her visit to the sailing club this summer, the shirt instantly became a best seller!  Personally, we love our navy blue Kinsley Nautical Sweater with it's fun ship wheel design, because it gives off the same high seas vibe, but warm enough for those cooler October days. 

Picture of girl in shorts wearing navy sweater that has nautical wheel design.

The Gold Bangle

A set of gold bangles adds instant chic to a cashmere sweater, silk blouse or wool dress.  Our set of three Barnegat Bay Gold Bangles are so elegant - not too chunky, not too slim -  with fun bamboo design that gives them a rich texture and unique look.  

Picture 3 gold bamboo banglesd

The Oversized Tote

One of the hottest fashion trends for fall 2022 is the oversized or XL tote bag.  With women heading back into the office, the need to have one bag and that fits it all has become in high demand.  Our canvas Newport Tote is wonderfully roomy, in a neutral ivory and navy stripe that can easily transport all your daily necessities in style!


Picture of girl on the beach holding a canvas tote bag.  Bag is ivory with navy stripes.


The Statement Pearl Earring

Pearls never go out of style, but they do make a resurrection in fall.  Mainly because they transition so well from daytime to evening wear, and instantly uplift any outfit.   If you pair them with gold, they are even more luxurious.  Our Lizzy, Basket Weave Gold and Pearl Drop Earring are a true fall statement earring, with their striking dangling design and beautiful translucent fresh water pearl tips.

Picture of gold basket weave earrings with drop down pearls.

Great For Those On A Budget

We know you might be budget conscious right now, so every accessory here is super affordable from $23 to $87.  We hope you enjoyed our 5 must have accessory trends for Fall 2022. 

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