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Inspirational Beacons: New England's Magnificient Lighthouses

May 08, 2023

Inspirational Beacons: New England's Magnificient Lighthouses

 Image: Noah Henkenius, Block Island Lighthouse, New Shoreham RI

New England's scenic lighthouses and their picturesque settings, elevate ones creative spirit.  Giving rise to best selling products, unique beaded bags, nautical fashion, and chic accessories like our lobster clutch.  Here are some of the inspirational lighthouses we've love:

Picture of Lighthouse in Point Judith Rhode Island.

Image:  Jeremy D'Entremont  Point Judith Lighthouse, Narragansett RI

    Point Judith Light (Rhode Island):
    • Highlight: Strategic location at the entrance to Narragansett Bay.
    • Notable Feature: Commanding views of the bay and the surrounding coastal landscape.

    Gay Head Light (Massachusetts):

    • Highlight: Scenic location on Martha's Vineyard.
    • Notable Feature: Overlooks the vibrant clay cliffs of Aquinnah, creating a unique and colorful backdrop.
    Cape Cod Highland Lighthouse (Massachusetts):
    • Highlight: Historic lighthouse with a unique red and white design.
    • Notable Feature: Situated within Cape Cod National Seashore, offering breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean
    • Inspiration for lobster clutch.
    Nauset Light (Massachusetts)
    • Highlight: Classic red and white striped design.
    • Notable Feature: Iconic representation of Cape Cod's coastal beauty, surrounded by dunes and ocean views.
    New London Harbor Light (Connecticut):
    • Highlight: One of the oldest lighthouses in the U.S., dating back to 1761.
    • Notable Feature: Scenic location at the entrance to New London Harbor, providing views of Long Island Sound.

    New London, Connecticut Lighthouse.  Boxy looking.

    Image:  By Beyond My Ken - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0  New London Lighthouse, Connecticut


    Block Island Southeast Light (Rhode Island):

    • Highlight: Historic lighthouse with Victorian architecture.
    • Notable Feature: Offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Block Island landscape.
    • Inspiration for Hayden Anchor Sweater

    The unique charm and appeal of each lighthouse, makes them not only functional but also iconic symbols of New England's maritime heritage. Inspiring and promoting creativity in nautical fashion and unique beaded clutches and accessories.  At Navy Jane, we have found great imaginativeness that has lead to best selling products. 


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