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Rhode Island Coastal Cafés: Savoring Scenic Sips by the Sea

March 04, 2024

Rhode Island Coastal Cafés: Savoring Scenic Sips by the Sea

Photography by: Springline Coffee, Newport RI

Discover the simplicity of great coffee set against the scenic backdrop of Rhode Island's coast. Explore the charming cafés and picturesque spots that enhance your coffee experience, from the historic allure of Watch Hill to the serene waves of Narragansett. Each location provides a cozy atmosphere, inviting you to indulge in the perfect blend of good coffee and beautiful coastal views in the heart of Rhode Island.  And hey, depending on the weather, don't forget your sweater, sun hat and scarf.

As you embark on this coastal coffee journey, infuse it with a touch of style. On hot summer days by the water, shield yourself with a hat, such as a mushroom brim hat or baseball cap, while relishing the brews at Cool Beans Café in Narragansett or Perks & Corks Café in Westerly. 

And if you're visiting from outside New England, you can effortlessly blend in with a New England style anchor sweater - perfect for cool mornings or fall days. Complete your nautical look with a silk scarf, adding a touch of nautical style to your coffee moments. Picture yourself at Slice of Heaven in Jamestown, coffee in hand, and the scarf subtly enhancing your seaside style. As you stroll through Misquamicut State Beach, let the scarf catch the ocean breeze, making each coffee sip a fashionable coastal escape. Let each sip be a reflection of Rhode Island's coastal charm – simple, stylish, and tailored to every season. Cheers to the perfect coffee experience against the breathtaking backdrop of the Rhode Island coast.


  • Empire Tea & Coffee on Thames Street is a local favorite, offering a variety of coffee blends in a cozy atmosphere.
  • Scenic Spot: As the cool morning breeze rustles through, grab a spot along Cliff Walk, wrapped in your favorite anchor sweater. Sip your coffee while enjoying the view of the Atlantic Ocean and Newport's iconic mansion
  • Springline Coffee:  Located on Bannister's Warf, the beautiful views complement the coffee. Start your day right!
  • Sitting outside at Springline Cafe in Newport RI on Bannisters Warf

Photography: Springline Coffee, Newport RI

2. Narragansett:

  • Cool Beans Café is a laid-back spot known for its great coffee and beach-friendly vibes.
  • Scenic Spot: Embrace fall days with a visit to Narragansett Town Beach. Wear your navy or cream anchor sweater, settle in the sand, and enjoy your coffee with the rhythmic sound of the waves.

    3. Jamestown:

    • Slice of Heaven is a cozy café known for its delicious pastries and coffee.
    • Scenic Spot: Visit Beavertail State Park on a cool fall morning, wearing your anchor sweater. Enjoy your coffee with panoramic views of the Narragansett Bay.
    4. Charlestown:
    • Beach Rose Cafe  Opening in 2022 on the coffee scene in Rhode Island, Beach Rose serves coffee with a wide variety of pastries, lunch and other delights. 
    • Beach Rose Cafe in Charlestown RI

    Photograph by:  Beach Rose Cafe, Charlestown, RI

    4. Westerly:

    • Perks & Corks Café is a vibrant coffee shop in downtown Westerly, offering both indoor and outdoor seating.
    • Scenic Spot: Experience the charm of Misquamicut State Beach on a cool fall day, clad in your navy or cream anchor sweater. Let the coffee warm you as you relax on the wide sandy shoreline.                                

    As we conclude our Rhode Island coastal coffee trip, we suggest wrapping yourself in your anchor sweater and enjoying the oceanic flavors. May the essence of Rhode Island's coastal charm stay with you, making each seaside coffee adventure as refreshing as the sea breeze. Until next time, may your coastal coffee explorations be simple, cozy, and accompanied by the soothing sounds of the ocean.






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